'Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May' Moodboard

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Hyper feminine and vintage inspired fashion is definitely having a moment. The latest Little Women film is getting a lot of credit for bringing this style into the spotlight, but for those of us obsessed with classic linen dresses and the romantic style of brands like Doen and Christy Dawn, this look is nothing new. While "Little Women" is an apt reflection of the style I personally feel "Little House on the Prairie" chic might be even more accurate with the emphasis on natural fabrics, earth tones, and a slow lifestyle that connects one with nature and the seasons. At least that's how I'd describe my personal style at the moment; it's a bit Edwardian meets Laura Ashley prairie dresses all wrapped up in aprons, puffy sleeves, and soft palettes. It does feel like a pushback on the brevity of fashion trends in recent years; these clothes by being dated already can't as easily be pushed out-of-date again and are often made to last (you can also get the look by buying vintage pieces that mimic the style). Plus, if I don't look like some Bronte heroine wandering through the moors in search of a long-lost love, what is the point of getting dressed..?


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