My Newest Preset Pack: Cozy

As I said in my previous post I'm feeling more inspired by winter than usual and I have the preset pack to prove it: a cozy pack. Although I actually started working back on this pack in late summer, so it's not totally a winter inspired pack. Originally it was going to be called the golden pack because every edit is inspired by warm and earthy tones, but as it developed I thought cozy was a more fitting description. All of my preset packs can't be broken down into hours of development but rather months; I pour so much energy into thoroughly testing every preset and making sure each fits my "style" as well as being a beautiful preset that is easy to use and apply. I want them as close to "apply and done" as possible, but do believe it is a little bit of tweaking on each photograph that will really make them "sing." The Cozy Pack is very rich and large pack with twelve different and unique presets. I've been using this pack exclusively on recent posts here and Instagram, so if you like my editing it's all down to this pack. Although it's twice the size of my original pack it's only £10 more, so £40 for 12 unique presets all designed to bring a warm and cozy glow to your photographs. I won't demonstrate all 12 presets in this post as then we'd be here all day, but I'll highlight a few of my favorite presets and show some of the variety in the pack.
toasty-sidetoasty-4toasty-3Toasty preset: Toasty is a warm, golden hued preset inspired by the glow off of a fire or candle on a grey winter evening. It's rich and warm-toned. Above you can see a raw image on the right and the toasty preset is applied on the left. Both examples contain no additional editing so you can really see how each preset works!nest-sidenest-4nest-3Nest preset: While the cozy pack is all about warm, rich edits, they're not all red and yellow heavy. Nest is a rich, green-hued preset perfect for autumnal pictures or scenes with a bit of color to them; it also works nicely at making reds and oranges pop.snug-sidesnug-4snug-3Snug preset: Snug is destined to become my most used preset this winter; it's already a favorite for me in recent edits as it makes everything just so rich and soft. It plays up those brown tones of winter that I'm feeling inspired by and adds a vintage patina to every image.soft-sidesoft-3soft-4Soft preset: Another favorite from my pack (although let's be honest, I made the pack so a lot of them are favorites!) is the soft preset which is a rich, red and purple-hued preset. It edits very dark, but can easily be brightened up and is a very distinct and unique preset.tweedy-sidetweedy-4tweedy-3Tweedy preset: Not every preset in the pack is designed to really change your colors. Tweedy is a good example of a preset that helps make your photos pop without overly altering the original colors and tones of your images. It's very flattering on skin as well as it has a soft finish that makes every photograph look more like a painting. velvet-sidevelvet-4velvet-3Velvet preset: Most of my presets in the cozy pack are warm-toned and as a result can be a bit cruel to greens, but velvet is a rich, dark edit that still maintains lovely greens, blues, and purples. It's the coolest toned preset in the pack, but still have a cozy finish to it. blanket-sideblanket-4Blanket preset: I always try to have a bit of diversity in my makes as different photograph settings will call for different presets, blanket is one of those more diverse edits that is softer and more pastel than the rest of my pack. It's less high contrast and darker than all my other presets and is inspired by that feeling of being wrapped in a soft blanket on a grey day. cosy32The whole pack of twelve presets is available in my shop now in Lightroom and Lightroom mobile versions. Shop it now!


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