Flower Fairies & Patrons

Here's a few things you're missing out on if you aren't a patron. Quick note: by patron I mean someone who supports my work on Patreon were I share exclusive posts and a behind-the-scenes look into my work. This month's wallpaper theme is the year's first blossoms, a lovely collection of early blooms from snowdrops to bluebells and rhododendrons. The wallpapers there are shared at a high resolution for you to download and use on your devices; I share a new collection every month and when you become a patron you can access all of them including previous months (February's theme was bookish and features so many old leather bound novels). I'm also working on a spring themed "words in the wild" featuring the favorite words of all $6 and above patrons; if you become a patron at one of those levels you can submit your favorite word and I'll make a special "word in the wild" combining your favorite word with a nature scene.
This month I also wrote a post about Cecily Mary Barker's flower fairies (the inspiration for my daffodil photograph), wrote about how sometimes we need to talk about other things, and shared some of the craziest photo adventures I've been on. Patreon gives me the opportunity to share more personal posts, so there's a lot of more intimate posts exploring different themes from positive thinking to how I still feel self-conscious in my style choices sometimes and the difficulty involved in getting out of your comfort zone. I also introduced a semi-weekly community question and shared some Tuesday Confessionals; one of my goals is to eventually build a wee community where we can all discuss various topics together. I shared a lot of fun posts and photographs on Patreon this month and I hope you'll consider becoming a patron and joining in the conversation over there. Every bit of support helps so much with the creation of all my posts and pushes me toward new challenges and adventures. It's been hard for me to find steady work and collaborations over the last few years while trying to maintain my personal style and values; I've had different agencies tell me I'm not commercial enough and that I should change my content to get more work, but changing for brands feels like the antithesis of what I want to create. So, Patreon is helping me continue to share the work I'm passionate about. If you like my posts please consider supporting me for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Click here to become a patron!


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