Mastering the Classic Dress

sondeflor-9You know the old saying, "jack of all trades, master of none?" Well the sartorial opposite of that saying has to be the Lithuanian brand Son de flor, in the very best sense as they have mastered the classic shirtdress design. While fast fashion brands carry a wide variety of styles and constantly push new product that will look bad in a month, Son de flor seeks to master a few timeless styles. The collection began with two sisters asking, "why doesn't anyone make classic dresses anymore?" Dresses like they remembered their mother wearing on repeat throughout their childhood with the perfect amount of swish in the skirts.  sondeflor-6sondeflor-2In a culture that emphasizes short-lived trends and constant consumption, Son de flor is the timeless breath of fresh air. Their "new" collections each year aren't focused on re-inventing the wheel, but rather expanding their collection of classic pieces in new colors or prints or adding delicate details. In fact, the brand is so focused on ethical shopping that they even do have a series where they show one dress styled 30 different ways. I have to say I find it so refreshing to see a brand actually show their pieces styled in a wide variety of outfits and to encourage their buyers to re-wear pieces rather than buy new. I don't always get it right, but I know my goal when shopping is to invest in classic pieces that are well-made and wear them for many years to come. sondeflor-39-side
sondeflor-18 sondeflor-34 sondeflor-26I have a few Son de flor dresses that have already been repeated (even featured in remixes!) and this fresh spring version is sure to be in frequent rotation in the coming season. The two other styles I have are floor-sweeping and while I have been wearing mostly long dresses through winter, I really like the shorter hem and soft blue color for spring. It makes me feel as if it's not too long before I can retire my wellies in favor of sandals or espadrilles and straw hats might soon be as practical as an umbrella... sondeflor-7-side sondeflor-3 sondeflor-42 sondeflor-28 sondeflor-47


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