Shooting a Fictional Romance Cover at an Irish Castle

If you follow me on Instagram then you might be familiar with "Tuesday Confessionals" a series of funny and random questions I host on somewhat infrequently on my Instagram stories. One of my first-ever Tuesday Confessionals was discussing unrealistic dreams--things we think would be fun to achieve, but we maybe never plan on doing or don't think is actually possible to do. My own fun and random dream was to be a cover model for romance novels! Well...after that story I got to thinking about how I should make my own romance book cover just for fun and decided it could be a perfect April Fools prank as well.
So earlier in March, dressed in the frothiest gown by Chotronette, I set out to do just that. In an ideal world I would have had a male model to pose with for the cover, but surprisingly Thomas was unwilling so I was forced to attempt to be dramatic in front of a castle on my own! The faux cover is on my Instagram now, but here's the rest of the photographs from this fun and whimsical shoot. I had so much fun creating this book cover (honestly laughing all the time while trying to pose dramatically and freezing because early March is not the warmest time to be prancing in tulle).
romance-17romance-20romance-24-sideMy title for my fictional romance novel was either "Seduced by the Gatekeeper" (if I had managed to cajole Thomas into posing with me) or "The Gatekeeper's Bride." I went with the latter because this dress and cape by Chotronette looked so dreamily bridal to me (this is the whipping cream dress, customized with sleeves). I wish this brand had been more on my radar when I was getting married because their dresses are so fun, surprisingly affordable for such elaborate dresses compared to most wedding dresses, and you can get them made-to-measure when you order. Tailored wedding dresses when you order from big stores can be so expensive. I don't regret the wedding dress I wore when I got married, but it wasn't my dream dress because my dream dress was wildly expensive and I didn't want to spend an insane amount of money on a dress I would only wear once. I'm glad I made the decision to not buy my dream dress and I did like the dress I wore, but if I had known about Chotronette back then I think I might have gone for one of their beautiful princess style gowns. The headpiece I wore for this shoot is from my wedding; it's fun how well suited it was for this look!romance-34romanceromance-27 romance-29romance-36


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