Flirty 30s in Emmy Design Sweden

emmydress-50One era in fashion I absolutely love but I rarely wear is the 1930s. The styles from the 1930s are some of the most gorgeous; bias cut dresses, lovely prints, beach pajamas--it was an era of glamour and elegance. But I also find it one of the hardest decades to wear. The styles aren't usually the most flattering especially without the historic undergarments ladies of the past could depend on. Still when I saw this dress in Emmy Design Sweden's latest collection (the "Lovely Lawn Party") I was drawn to it immediately and loved the vintage vibe. It looks straight out of some 1930s film like The Women and that's no coincidence as this dress is a recreation of a vintage dress in Emmy's own closet! You could say something like "they don't make them like they used to" but Emmy Design Sweden is one of those brands that I believe does make them like they used to. I find a lot of vintage inspired clothing brands aren't very wearable for the every day, unless you like rather dramatic looks, but Emmy Design's pieces (even when floor length tea dresses) feel like something someone would have worn in the past. They're best known for their knits which are so soft and retro, but also infinitely wearable. Adding one of those knits to a rather normal outfit gives it an instant punch of nostalgia and vintage style, while also being a practical and comfortable garment. I mean who doesn't need a good cardigan? yellow emmydress-15
ASOS hat, Emmy Design Sweden "garden party" gown (gifted), vintage necklace
emmydress-49-side emmydress-58I know a lot of fellow petite ladies are intimidated by longer dresses; this dress is quite long and if you are petite you'll probably have to have it hemmed. Hemming aside though we petites should definitely embrace longer lengths more. A longer dress makes you look taller, especially when it has a high waistline or the waist hits at your natural waist. The uninterrupted line of skirt extends the line of your legs creating an illusion of height; so don't be afraid of maxi dresses even if you are petite--they won't make you look shorter. And I say that as a petite person myself, I'm only 5'1" and do have to get things hemmed now and again but I love wearing maxi and ankle length dresses. Still, if you do avoid long dresses at all cost and love this style and print then you are in luck, as Emmy Design produced this print in two other dress styles and a blouse and a skirt! There's even a navy version of the print. So if maxi dresses aren't for you, consider the picture perfect dress which will hit a bit below the knee or the same old favorite blouse. emmydress emmydress-24 emmydress-25I didn't try to re-create a 1930s head-to-toe look with this outfit (although tilted and straw hats were in vogue in the 1930s...), but instead just focused on a simple garden party appropriate look. I actually almost never try to re-create historically accurate looks because there's so many ways to get the details wrong when you're trying to be historically accurate. But if you stick to loosely "vintage inspired" outfits then there's no wrong or right and you can have a bit more fun. You are also less likely to look like you're in costume if you mix a few eras and styles together!emmydress-34 emmydress-57-side emmydress-48 emmydress-37 emmydress-31 emmydress-17 emmydress-7


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