Introducing My New Summer Presets

rhodo-4When I say I take a long time developing my presets...I mean I spend a long time developing my presets! I actually started this Summer Pack last summer! So this pack has been a year in the making, although I did take a break from developing it over winter. From the moment I released my autumn pack a few years ago my goal was to make packs for every season, but I sort of lost steam after developing my winter and spring packs. But this year I was feeling very inspired again and as our weather has turned warmer and sunnier I've noticed the gaps in my spring pack more. I use my own preset packs by the season, so as spring has faded here I've really started to need those summer presets to step up my editing. I managed to narrow down my favorites to ten distinct presets that give photographs a summery vibe, work for a wide variety of photographs, and I think it's my most universal pack yet! I've already started editing my photographs with it (if you look at my recent IG posts) and it's now my go-to every day. Buy the Summer Pack now!rhodo-6 rhodo-7
The summer pack features ten distinct presets each designed to give a different mood or respond to different situations. I believe in packs over single presets because one single preset will never be universally flattering--especially if you are an outdoor photographer! There's so many rich hues in nature, so many tiny variations in light, that one preset can't say make a red rhododendron pop and work on a backlit field of dandelions. You wouldn't wear the same outfit outside in every weather condition, so don't expect the same preset to work in every weather condition! The preset I used for these pictures are perfect for richly tone, shaded photographs; it creates contrast and saturates certain colors. It would be an utter disaster to apply this preset to a photograph shot in golden hour! But similarly the preset that works in golden hour wouldn't work on this location. Packs cover those gaps though; I test on a wide variety of lighting situations, different colors, different scenes, and I've had friends test my presets on their own photographs and made adjustments based on their feedback. So at the end of a pack you get 10 very strong presets that are as universal as possible, while meeting specific needs, and covering a variety of photographic situations.   rhodo-3-side
rhodo-2 rhodo-8 rhodo-5As much as I have said that not every preset works on every photograph, I think my summer pack is my most universal/friendly pack to date. When I thought of summer presets I thought of golden, balmy evenings--no wind, just warmth. So I wanted my presets to be softer as well. There's always this balance when designing a preset between a soft, subtle edit, and a powerful punch so people can really see the change. Most of my presets are more of a punch, but with summer I tried to make things a bit more subtle and soft. I'll be demonstrating the presets more in future posts and on my stories this weekend. Here they are applied to RAW images, but I'll also show how they look on jpegs and snaps straight from my phone on my Instagram stories this weekend. I'm really in love with this pack and I hope you love it to. The pack has 10 presets and costs £30 (approximately $36 USD). There's a version for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile in my shop. Click here to purchase the Summer Pack!rhodo-9 rhodo-11
*pictures edited with my new Summer preset pack*


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