A New Ethical Fashion Brand

wheatI used to think it was really hard to find ethical fashion brands that fit my style. I liked the idea of shopping ethically and sustainably but it felt intimidating too; part of me still shies away because I'm by no means a perfectly ethical shopper. But I am making a concentrated effort and finding labels has become a lot easier. Perhaps there's more brands on the market, or perhaps I've learned better at how to find these brands, but these days I can't use the excuse that I don't know where to find clothes that fit my style. My latest discovery is Gaala; a timeless fashion brand from France that uses upcycled and deadstock fabric to make their clothes. Deadstock fabrics are fabrics that are leftover from other orders; traditionally brands would hold on to their exccess fabric for a few years and then send them to landfills, but now some small labels are buying that those "waste" fabrics and turning them into beautiful clothes. When labels, like Gaala, use deadstock fabrics they help alleviate some of the wastefulness of the fashion industry. The Estelle dress I'm wearing today is made from upcycled linen. Because they're using upcycled and deadstock fabrics it also means quantities of each dress is limited; sometimes they only have enough fabric to make a handful of pieces.   wheat-13 wheat-9-side
wheat-41 wheat-8Gaala dresses are incredibly chic and classic in style. I was drawn to the Estelle dress because of the lacing detail on the back. It's such a lovely feature and I liked how the laces were layered over the linen--so many dresses with nice details in the back are nearly backless or difficult to wear with a bra, so I loved that this style could accommodate normal undergarments while still having that special detail. This style comes in four colors, but I was immediately drawn to the classic white version. White is such a perfect color for summer and white linen always reminds me of picnics and lazy afternoons reading a book in dappled sunshine. My afternoons haven't been quite that idyllic lately, but there's no harm in dressing with that mood in mind for my afternoon walk with Solomon. Gaala also provided me with a discount code for you all! You can get 15% off your order when you use my code REBECCA15; you can use it on the Estelle dress or any other style in the shop.wheat-80 wheat-70-side wheat-76 wheat-30 wheat-34 wheat-77 wheat-45


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