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I launched my Patreon at the start of this year and since then I've share more than 90 exclusive posts and dozens of downloadable wallpapers every month. At the start Patreon felt like an experiment I wasn't sure would work. What if no one supported my posts? What if no one liked the work I shared? But if it is an experiment then I would say it has been a success. I've gained around 300 patrons who value my work and want to invest me and that feels amazing. Having their support has encouraged me down new avenues I never would have explored before like opening a print shop and selling my first prints or beginning to coach people on social media. Knowing that they all value my work also makes me feel safer opening up and I've managed to share some very personal posts that I never felt able to write in the past. I've talked about dream jobs I've lost, the seemingly never-ending visa stresses, and times I struggle with confidence.
hobbitbasics If you're considering becoming a patron, here's a hint of what I've been sharing recently. I've been on a Tolkien kick so there's a number of hobbit-related posts from a hobbit inspired shopping guide, to hobbit activities, and reasons why we should all aspire to be more hobbit-hearted.
heather-5 This month's wallpapers center around the theme of slow living and depict serene scenes around the countryside with flocks of sheep, misty hills, and the slowly emerging heather. Today I'm also sharing a post on slow living and the guilt that comes with doing less. Even when you actively try to choose a slower, quieter life, it's hard to silence that voice in the back of your head that says you should be doing more.
heather-3 It only costs $2 (plus tax depending on your region) to become a patron and every bit of support means the world to me. Please join me on Patreon--we have fun foraged recipes for fireweed jelly and tips on dressing like a hobbit--what could be more fun? 


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