How to Bring Folklore into Everyday Fashion

uni-2 unicorn-33What’s your favorite fairytale creature? I have a soft spot for swan maidens and selkies, but I also really like the classic unicorn myth. It’s interesting that we often think of unicorns in relation to European myths and legends, but there were depictions of unicorns in ancient Mesopotamian artworks and they appear in myths in India and China as well. I always like adding folklore inspired pieces into my wardrobe so I was quite excited to get this lovely unicorn sculpture necklace from Silver Lucy London. One of the easiest ways to add personality to your outfits or bring inspiration from a favorite myth or period of art is through jewellery. I’m always on the lookout for jewellery that reminds me of fairytales and the Pre-Raphaelites, so this necklace is just my cup of tea! If you’re a fan as well use my code aclotheshorse to get 20% off sculpture jewellery at Silver Lucy London. unicorn-30 unicorn-26-side unicorn-13Silver Lucy London specializes in sculpture jewellery that is incredibly realistic. One of the things I love about little sculptured pieces like this is that as I move and my necklace shifts throughout the day it doesn’t matter what side is facing forward; it looks stunning from all angles. Each piece is so detailed that months and months of work goes into every pendant to make them as realistic as possible. They have a wide variety of dog sculpture pendants and I have my fingers crossed that an Irish wolfhound will be on their list to design next! And their pieces are handmade in the United Kingdom! uni unicorn-11 unicorn-14-sideAs much as I’m not a minimalist when it comes to collecting clothing, most of my outfits are fairly minimal. I like rather simple dresses in natural colors and smaller jewelry, so what gives each look personality is all in the details. It’s choosing dresses with puffed sleeves and bits of insert lace, jewellery that mimics fairytales and my favorite elements from nature, and a flower crown or oversize hair bow never goes amiss either. I don’t think you need to wear a giant statement dress or the flashiest accessories to channel your interests, sometimes it’s a small piece that makes all the difference. It’s nice finding ways to bring your passions into your outfits because when you can wear something you love it means you get to carry that passion with you throughout your day wherever you go—bringing fairytales and unicorns wherever life takes you. P.S. Don’t forget to use my code aclotheshorse to get 20% off your order at Silver Lucy London. unicorn-23 unicorn-7 unicorn-28

old Free People dress & Silver Lucy London unicorn necklace
*pictures edited with presets Cloud & Warmth from my Summer Preset pack*


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