Wearing Vintage Inspired Fashion

4E9B1EB3-80A8-4314-83DB-5890FA10A2B6-FD894CE3-9F9F-4153-9B5B-8790765B9CF7I've always liked vintage inspired dresses although I didn't start dressing in vintage inspired looks until I was in college. I think it started with all of the old films I grew up watching; I used to sit in front of the television with a sketchpad and try to draw out my favorite dresses from the films but change the colors to suit my preferences. It took me awhile to realize that I could dress that way in real life. Fashion, theatrical outfits, vintage inspired looks all seemed like things that belonged in movies and magazines and doodles--I didn't really know anyone who dressed that way in "real life" or how to make that style happen for myself. In college something finally clicked in my brain and I realized that I didn't have to be in a movie or posing for a magazine to dress creatively, I could wear those clothes going about my very ordinary life! In the last few years I feel as if my style has become even more classic and almost theatrical in a minimalist way as well--loads of long linen dresses in a variety of colors. They're easy pieces to wear, it's just one garment and you're out the door but they're also slightly statement making with the volume of the sleeves, length of the skirts, overall silhouette, etc. So some days I do opt for more simple vintage inspired looks: timeless polka dots and a silhouette that feels retro rather than antique! I feel like this outfit is so similar to those styles I first started to wear when I began dressing vintage. It's retro without being too dramatic. IMG_0555 katy-13
wearing Gaala Paris "Belle" dress, vintage basket, old socks & brogues
katy-5-side katy-9 IMG_0560Putting on this outfit felt familiar and fresh all at once. It took me back to my early days of thrift shopping and learning to recognize different decades and details--although this is from a thoroughly modern brand that uses deadstock fabric to make their clothes--but it's been awhile since I wore something that looked more 1940s/50s inspired instead of 1800s! I mean, when was the last time you saw my knees in a photograph?! I actually felt a bit odd in a shorter dress every time the wind blew, although this is hardly a mini! But it also felt good to be in something more modern and simple too. I feel like I'm always drawn back to shorter skirts as I head towards autumn because they pair so well with cozy socks and tights and brogues. I wanted to pair this outfit with a beret too, but I haven't brought all of my old autumn accessories out of storage yet.    991D918D-D9D2-41F9-8738-FD9245AA731E-1B51B618-8387-4601-BB46-97C81E2D0A03-side katy-12 IMG_0548
wearing Gaala Paris "Belle" dress, vintage basket, old socks & brogues


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