Great Dixter Gardens

garden-6We stumbled across the Great Dixter Gardens while we were visiting 1066 Country in England a few weeks back. I love exploring old manor houses and gardens, so this was a lovely wee gem to walk around one afternoon. Great Dixter was home to gardener Christopher Lloyd, who is remembered for his Arts and Crafts style approach to gardening. Earlier styles of gardening (and home decor) in the 19th century was more stiff and grand in scale; home interiors would be dark and ornate while gardens would be sharply ordered with brightly colored annuals. In contrast the Arts and Crafts movement called for unity between home and garden and more lightness to both; Arts and Crafts gardens are designed to be more soothing and intimate. The designs would call for harmony between home and garden and landscape; a sense of flow between them and features that would highlight the local materials or indigenous plants. Even today Great Dixter Gardens is large and sprawling, but full of narrow footpaths that help every corner feel small and intimate. The flower beds are also less regimental, making you feel almost as if you're stumbling across a crop of wildflowers.  garden-4 garden-3 garden-9-side garden-7 garden-12 garden-15-side garden-10 garden-2

*pictures edited with Sweater preset from my Cozy Pack*


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