Hobbit Wear for Autumn


When my forest green cape by Nour and the Merchant arrived I was so excited to put it on and go forth like an elegant elfin lady...but my genetics said "hobbit." Still, even though I might be slightly height challenged I do feel elegant in this lovely cape. And I did a whole month on Patreon focusing on hobbits and hobbit style, so I'm all about embracing the earth tones and cozy vibes. Hobbits are very chic and noble! As Tolkien wrote, "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” It's one of my favorite quotes and such a good reminder as we head towards autumn and winter--seasons that beg us to slow down and savor the moment. The shorter days and cooler weather also calls for cozier styles, which for me this year means capes! As my style has become more romantic I have struggled to find outerwear that suits the dresses I love to wear. Puff sleeves and long hems tend to look odd poking out of most modern coats, but a classic cape, that suits my dresses perfectly and it's quite practical too. It's honestly so warm--the outer layer is wool and inside it is lined with velvet which means it's also incredibly soft against your skin and hair. This is also one of the last days to buy this slow fashion piece on sale. Nour and the Merchant's autumn sale on her slow fashion collection is ending tomorrow, so if you do love this cape or one of her other pieces you should buy it before the sale ends.  caper-32 caper-22-side caper-15In addition, to elves and hobbits, another inspiration for me with capes is Tasha Tudor. I have her book, "The Private World of Tasha Tudor" and I always feel drawn back to it in the autumn to read her words and admire her classic style. In many of her winter pictures she is shown outside working on her farm, drawing water from the well and collecting wood for the fire in hand knit shawls and a dramatic red cape. I really admire the way she carved out her own unique life and how she shows just how practical some of these classic styles that haven't been as popular in modern years are. While my outfits can sometimes be a bit theatrical, impractical they are not. This cape is a functioning piece of outwear; warm and cozy. My linen dress is equally practical and I often layer cotton petticoats and other warm clothes underneath. Just because a style is whimsical doesn't mean it's impractical and equally there's a number of modern styles and fabrics that might be seen a more visually normal but aren't remotely built for practicality!  caper-6 caper-34-side caper-21 caper-40 caper-13
PS this is the last day to buy this cape or any of Nour & the Merchant's slow fashion collection on sale
*edited with presets from my Cozy Pack*


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