Two Outfits with VIVAIA Collection Flats & A Giveaway

cleanup-3I got my first pair of Vivaia Collection flats several months ago in the spring and they were so comfortable and wonderful I was excited when they got in touch about hosting a giveaway. If you didn't see my previous posts about Vivaia Collection let me tell you a little about the brand. Vivaia makes comfortable eco-friendly shoes. The shoes aren't just produced in a more environmentally friendly way than other brands, they're literally made out of recycled materials. They turn plastic bottles into breathable threads and even their packaging is made from recycled cardboard--and free worldwide shipping too! It's really wonderful to find a brand with such a strong ethos that also produces really chic shoes that fit my aesthetic as well. I basically live in ballet flats so these shoes are exactly my style! It's been really wonderful to discover this brand as I've been trying to build a more ethical wardrobe in the last few years and one area that was lacking was footwear; I know a lot of more sustainable fashion clothing brands but I haven't discovered as many accessories or shoe brands. I'm interested in trying out some of Vivaia's sneakers this autumn, but with the warm weather lingering a bit longer I've been living in the Odette flat (which comes in more colors) and the Elvira style too! Here's two recent outfits I wore with my Vivaia ballet flats--and don't forget to visit my Instagram today for a giveaway! You can also use my code ACH for 15% off in their shop. gatehouse-4 gatehouse-12 gatehouse-7I love cream colored flats because they go with everything, but as I tend to spend a lot of time on dirt paths I usually choose to wear darker flats so they won't show the dirt as much. I'm not as afraid of that with my Odette flats however because they're actually machine washable! Solomon stepped on my foot when I was walking him in these shoes and left a big muddy paw print, but it cleaned off so easily and you'd never know by looking at them they had been muddy earlier! I'm also always so pleasantly surprised by how soft these flats feel; it's crazy to think they're made from recycled plastic because they feel softer than almost every other ballet flat I own. It's still summer, but I have been starting to feel a few fall vibes lately and that has me pulling for slightly richer and warmer colors like this mustard yellow. It's always one of my favorite colors to wear, although I do feel a bit funny when I walk up to my matching front door in a very yellow outfit! Funnily enough the door was yellow when we moved in! I didn't pick that door color but I do like the burst of sunshine it brings to the gatehouse. I'll definitely be tempted to have another yellow door in future homes. gatehouse-side gatehouse-8Our nasturtium flowers always reach their peak towards the end of July. We love the way the nasturtium covers the whole garden and the size of some of the leaves; they're so pretty when they collect water droplets on rainy days as well. Nasturtium is also an edible flower. We don't eat much of it because we like the way our garden looks, but I always harvest a tiny bit each year for a flower crown featuring all the different flower colors. cleanup-2-side gatehouse-10 pinkviv-4

wearing Agrimony chemise, linen pinafore, and Vivaia "Odette" flat
pinkv-4The meadows are very green right now but interspersed here and there with flashes of pink--tiny clovers, wild loosestrife, and towering willowherb being visited by large cabbage white butterflies. Summer is nearing its end, in fact according to the Celtic calendar summer ended this weekend and autumn began. There are areas that look like autumn, places where harvesting has begun, but in the meadows and wild fields it still feels like summer is hanging on a bit longer. I'm eager to start wearing more of my autumn clothes and colors because I am craving richer tones, but it's still nice to have the option of throwing on a simple dress and walking out the door. It's warm enough I don't need to think too much about layers (although in Ireland it is always advisable to have a cardigan or jacket nearby), but cool enough that you won't overheat on a walk. Our summer is always more mild than other regions, I remember when I lived in the States how hot it would be all through September.
pinkv-7 pinkv-6-side pinkv pinkv-10-sidePink is a color I used to loathe wearing and now I love. I was well matched to this field in my Elvira flats and coordinated dress! I love the detail on the Elivra ballet flat; it's a very chic shape with the slightly squared toe and lacing detail. This style also comes in a few different colors and the black style looks perfect for autumn. I've been a bit besotted with corsets and stays lately so this detail was such a lovely echo of my black corset. It's a very simple outfit really but I love how those little details tie things together. P.S. Don't forget to go to my Instagram today to enter my giveaway with Vivaia! And if giveaways aren't your thing don't forget you can use my code ACH for 15% off at Vivaia. pinkv-5 pinkv-8


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