New Preset Pack: Dark Cottagecore

blackberryMy editing style has really changed a lot in the last few months so I developed a new preset pack! The Dark Cottagecore Preset Pack is now available in my shop; seven unique presets all with rich, dark tones inspired by dark naturalism and perfect for autumn photographs. I've been using this pack exclusively to edit my photographs for several weeks now and I'll demonstrate a few of them below so you can get a clearer look at the pack. Where my classic Cottagecore Pack for spring is very light and bright, giving all your photographs a soft and glow-y finish, this pack is shadowy and rich; like the difference of the blossom in the brambles of spring to the ripe fruit of autumn. Preset packs are my favorite to develop because I always include a mix of presets to suit different situations, while all the presets are tied together by one theme and feel cohesive. Shop the pack by clicking here!heather-3heather-side Heather Preset: I'm always inspired by the seasons and the shifting landscape. One of the first signs that autumn is on the horizon is the heather beginning to bloom in vibrant shades of purple. The Heather preset is inspired by those rich, floral colors; rosy and deep it's a perfect preset for adding a blush tone to photographs.rowanberry-3rowanberry-side Rowan Berry Preset: I always try to develop packs that work in a variety of settings while having a unifying feeling so when you use them your feed still feels cohesive. While the Heather preset is slightly cooler toned and perfect for enhancing purples or getting cooler greens, the Rowan Berry preset is on the other end of the spectrum--much more warm toned which is perfect is you like slightly sepia photographs or you need to warm up late evening pictures shot in blue light.rosehips-3rosehips-siderosehips-4 Rosehips Preset: Autumn is such a pretty season and while the changing leaves are one of my favorite features, there's still a lot of green tones as well. So often presets and filters that are aimed at enhancing autumnal colors really destroy greens, which as someone who loves photographing nature I find so frustrating. I always want to highlight the beauty of nature, so presets that are kind to greens and help bring out the true colors of nature are my favorite.blackberry-4blackberry-2-sideBlackberry Preset: While I don't like to say one preset in my pack is my favorite, usually one preset will emerge as the most-used and for the Dark Cottagecore Pack it's definitely my Blackberry Preset. It's sort of the "goldilocks" of presets; not too warm, not too cold and very dark to give all my photographs a deep, rich finish.


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