Cottagecore Finds: Handpainted Candles

candles270856072_455254062777244_6188140763028106840_n File these under: utterly impractical but equally delightful. A handpainted candle that is so pretty you'd probably never want to burn it has to be one of the least necessary home goods, but at the same time I find myself contemplating whether I should get one or half a dozen. They're so pretty and give the best cottagecore vibes. They could be arranged in elegant candleholders alongside fresh and dried flowers on your mantleplace in a pretty spring display. I think my favorite might be these green candles with the daisy pattern, or these colorful bouquet candles. This shop has an excellent selection and a wide variety of candle colors. But perhaps most intriguing is this candle painting tutorial by Orna; she goes into detail on what tools she uses, as well as the specific paint, and methods! Perhaps instead of buying myself half a dozen painted candles I should take her wee class and learn to make my own...

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