Autumn Cottagecore Finds From Small Businesses


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I often feel that as soon as Halloween is over people “quit” autumn and start focusing on winter and Christmas things…which I do not accept! While some trees are bare, others are only starting to change color—and since my region doesn’t get snow every year, autumn lingers. So one of my big style inspirations right now is the intersection of fairytales and autumn scenes. I mean: cozy capes, colorful knits, all paired with layers of skirts and petticoats is perfect fairytale fashion and cozy enough for the current temperatures too! Rather than switching out of cottagecore inspiration for autumn and winter, I think layers and accessories can add more cottagecore elements into seasonal outfits even when you are dressed more casually. Here’s four finds from small businesses I’d love to add to my autumn wardrobe this year. 313011718_679696500246551_1642168026166926352_n Wool caplet by Vetch & Clover: This maker also designs reversible stays and historically inspired clothes while trying to stay zero waste, but her limited edition wool capelet is what really caught my eye this autumn. I have a couple of bigger capes which can be warm and fun to wear, but they can also get really heavy and be a bit dramatic. This capelet has the whimsy of a cape, but slightly less theatrical. I can picture it with so many outfits! Click here for the shop. leaves2 Oak Leaf Belt by Foxes & Rovens: This belt! It’s so adorable and I love that it could be worn with a more fairycore inspired look or something more casual. There’s also loads of customization options; you can choose the leaf color, belt color, metal tone, etc. So you don’t have to go with the autumn version of these oak leaves, you could get it in green! I think this one is going on my Christmas list, you can shop it here. beret Hand-embroidered Berets by Knock Thrice: One of my favorite cozy creators to follow has to be Knock Thrice; she’s always creating the most magical pieces. Most of her embroidery designs are released in limited drops with different themes from Greek goddesses to woodland creatures, but she also has pre-orders for crewnecks and a very unique knight themed cardigan. I personally have my eye on her beret designs. Click here for her shop, or follow her on Instagram for updates on when the next collection will be available. leavesLeaf belt bags by Leafling: Leafling makes so many fun bags with nature inspired designs. They’re better known for their classic backpacks with leaf flaps, but recently they launched some adorable belt bags you can attach to any belt, or buy with a matching belt. They’re so fun and I really like the idea of a belt bag—I don’t always want to carry a purse with me but I’m almost always wearing a belt and it’s big enough for the essentials. Check out their shop here. 

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