Black Friday Preset Sale & Your FAQs About My Editing

edit2I don't usually put my whole shop on sale, but I had a lot of requests for a Black Friday Sale so right now you can get 15% off any and all preset packs in my shop! Use code FAREWELLAUTUMN at checkout. This code can also be combined with other sales in my shop--my Dark Cottagecore and Cozy Pack are reduced right now; all of my presets are compatible with Lightroom Desktop or Lightroom Mobile. If you're not sure what a preset is or want more information on my packs, read on below!blackberry-2-side

What do you use to edit? These presets are what I use to edit every day. I change what pack I use seasonally so right now I am using the Dark Cottagecore Pack and the Cozy Pack. The Dark Cottagecore Pack is my favorite for most of my photographs right now and I've been using it since September as it really suits autumnal scenes, but as we inch towards winter I'll probably start using the Cozy Pack more.

How do your presets work? All of my preset are compatible with Lightroom Desktop or Lightroom mobile. The mobile version will also work in the free version of Lightroom mobile so you don't need to buy additional editing software to use them. When you browse my shop you choose which version you will use and checkout. Every pack also comes with a readme file that includes step by step instructions to bring the presets into Lightroom desktop or mobile--so if it's your first time using presets don't worry! My instructions will walk you through how to bring them into your apps so you can start using them immediately.
What's the difference between a preset and a filter? Oooh, I love this question. So on the surface, not much but once you dig a bit deeper a preset is so much more valuable. When you apply a filter you can't adjust the settings later, but with a preset you can still adjust every individual level. This gives you so much more creative control when editing; a preset can be a starting point to a personal and unique edit. Additionally you can learn so much from presets; when you apply a preset you can see every level that was adjusted (temperature, darkness, contrast, clarity, colored shadows, etc) and make further adjustments or learn what your own voice is within editing. For example you might start to see a common thread in your favorite edits and start to realize what levels you like to focus on with your edits.

Why packs and not individual presets? I love creating packs rather than selling individual presets because packs work on a variety of different photographs. Rather than one preset that only works some of the time, when you have a pack you'll always be able to find an edit that works while maintaining a cohesive feel to your feed and editing style. All of my packs contain unique filters, but along a similar theme so they work together--this way you don't need to use the same edit every single time to get a cohesive feed. I can also price my presets cheaper overall when I bundle them together rather than individually.
pa copyThe Tweedy Preset is from my Cozy Pack, which is an autumn and winter pack full of diverse filters perfect for editing winter scenery. This pack has a total of 12 unique presets making it the largest pack in my shop and it's on sale right now for £30 or less than £2.50 per preset and you can also use the discount code FAREWELLAUTUMN for an additional 15% off. editedThe sale ends on Tuesday so get be sure to use the code FAREWELLAUTUMN in my shop while you can.


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