Style me jealous

I'm not really big on style icons, or rather I am really big on style icons--as in, how can you pick just one to define your style? To pick a single person as a style influencer just seems so limiting and inadequate. Nowadays who doesn't go from feminine to masculine, refined to grungy, and eccentric to relaxed in the time frame of a week? We have the opportunity to make our own style and not be influenced too strongly by current trends, so why limit ourselves to a single "look?"
However, one individual recently snapped several times by the Sartorialist is really inspiring me. She looks different every time and yet consistently herself--quirky, eccentric, and beautiful. Perhaps I admire her so much, because each of her looks is so different and yet they all work and she never looks forced (I so hate contrived outfits and style, if it isn't coming naturally, don't force it). So, my current icon, a stranger without a name:


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