Which Came First?

I read on Style_Bubble that "techno-tribe" is being tossed about in the fash-world as the new trends this season. This follows nu-wave, boho, and various other hot trend terms. To me however it begs the question, which came first the trend or the trend's name?

Out of the various trends and styles shown on the runway (and there were many) why was techno-trend plucked from the myriad of options and chosen to describe this season? And are we already ascribing to this style or will we soon start to? Now that the masses have been informed that techno-tribe is this season's hottest will there be a mass of hipsters running around to find all the tools necessary to fulfill this look? Or have the hipsters spoken and the fashion crowd is merely naming the movement that is already afoot?
Techno-tribe to me shows a mix of the futuristic and organic or natural (even Balenciaga is called to mind). It seems the further we progress into the future the more we regress back to older, more organic things and ways.
Runways I feel depict techno-tribe (Etro and Dries Van Noten):techno-tribe, fashion, runway, theclotheshorse, etrotechno-tribe, fashion, runway, theclotheshorse, etrofashion, runway, theclotheshorse, techno-tribetechno-tribe, fashion, style, theclotheshorse
These designers evoke the style by using tribal/global patterns and modern shapes--shift dresses, bubble sleeves, etc.
Now I'm off to make pizza dough.


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