Le Mepris

A yearning for the spring and summer has me recalling the film Le Mepris or Contempt. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard the movie opens with a dream-like sequence as Camille (Bardot) lies in bed with her husband (Michel Piccoli) asking him if he finds her attractive. Through a blunder on his part their marriage starts to dissolve and Camille begins to show her contempt. This film offers insight into a young marriage and the pitfalls of misunderstanding, as well as showing how quick we are to go from love to hate.
Also, not to be missed are Bardot's outfits (when she is dressed...). I watched this film last year and couldn't resist dressing as Bardot the next day.bardot, contempt, film, fashion, outfitbardot, contempt, fashion, outfit


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