I Looked and I Found

The regular visits to websites that upload pictures of Fashion Week are really in search of something. A quest for divine inspiration and that collection that makes fashion seem special, significant, fascinating. Each season I look for that collection to call my favorite; as the days progress the favorite changes or doesn't develop, infactuation is followed by dissatisfaction until finally, that moment comes...the "ah-ha" moment. This moment for me came with the Rodarte collectionRodarte, runway, gorgeous.Rodarte, runway

My devotion to last season's showing by this label made me drawn to it--the pictures stole my heart. It is also a further expression of the "tough-girl" look that I am intrigued by for this year. Studs turn into layered bracelets, spiked heels combine with textured, crochet tights and dark lips and tight bun contrast with billowing skirts and layers. No one will mess with a girl who's shoes could kill you, even if she is dressed in tiers of pink tissue. If this isn't love, I don't know what is.Rodarte, runway, studded, shoesRodarte, runway, studded, shoes
I acknowledge that this collection will polarize--it might seem over-the-top, clashing, the deconstructed knits messy, but all these are elements I embrace. The mix of textures, the interesting color bleeding, and combating elements are divine.


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