Valentine Musing

I am a firm believer that boys don't really care what a girl wears--in fact, a more "fashion" outfit is more likely to alienate them than attract. They don't care about designer bags, or the brand of shoes you're wearing; at least the majority don't. What they do like: to see you (hair down, a figure aware outfit, and a smile). The nature of girl is to dither and worry about what to wear on a date, but in the end, I think as long as it flatters you, he will like it. You can debate heels vs. flats, pants vs. skirts, but ultimately he's looking forward to going on a date with you--not your clothes.
Despite this, and staunchly ignoring the fact that I have no beau (and no plans for Valentine's day), could I pretty please have this Marchesca dress to wear? I could also endure accepting the purple, if it comes to that.Marchesca, red, dress, valentine, day
Marchesca, purple, dress, valentine, day


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