My Answer To Distraction:

I took a photography class last year (please don't judge my talents with photography by most of the pictures here! These are all digital, I used a 35mm for the class.). One of the greatest lessons I learnt in the class was an appreciation and knowledge of a number of different photographers. Whenever I feel bored, uninspired or tired, I like to visit "Master's of Photography" and scroll through the names I now recognize. Today, I bring you the sweet and slightly sinister images of Emmet Gowin.
Emmet Gowin is an American photographer, who also happens to live in Pennsylvania. He is best known for his intimate portraits of family members. Viewing his photographs you can't help but feel like a spy stumbling across a very private moment.Emmet Gowin, black, white, photography, masterEmmet, Gowin, black, white, photography, classic, masterEmmet, Gowin, black, white, photography, master, classicEmmet, Gowin, black, white, photography, master


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