Do You Need Some Good News?

good news, 1947, june allyson, peter lawford, dance, promWith the (sometimes) warm weather and end of the school year season of hi jinks, parties, dances, and basically good time, I am in the mood for Good News. A musical remade by MGM in 1947 it stars the scratchy voiced June Allyson and the blue-eyed dreamboat Peter Lawford. There are many memorable scenes and comedic quotes to enjoy. With all the frilly dresses and preppy basics, it also can serve as style inspiration. What I really want to know is why some blue-eyed football player didn't hunt me down in the library yesterday and sing in French to me..? (a scene from the movie)good news, 1947, movie, covergood news, 1947, june allyson, peter lawford, library, musical, comedy, movie


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