Crawling Up The Wall

I am very happy to announce to everyone that it is Friday. Yes, that delight to adults and children everywhere--the end of the work week has come! It has been an exhausting, but fulfilling week. I've spent my days shredding (10 trash bags worth!) and filing papers and now my hands are covered in paper cuts, but I also gained a new appreciation for my co-workers. None of us are perfect and although they've said things in the past that bug me, it is probably the happiest workplace I have ever been in. Honestly, our office is filled with laughter (along with the typical drama and gossip). One particular woman filled me with joy when as she was leaving announced that she was, "away faster than a herd of turtles." You just don't get to hear phrases like that every day.
As it is Friday, I am also starting another mini-movie marathon. From the library I am picking up Public Enemy, Topper, and It, while I am returning my books--since they are overdue! (I have not quite completed "War and Peace," but I am taking a break both from the book and my ban, I think I will recollect both sometime next week...^_-)
Speaking of movies, this pose was in my mind all day, as was the scene from The Women where Mrs. Fowler is exercising and her instructor tells her to "climb slowly up the wall." Mrs. Fowler says, "the way you say that makes me feel like vermin," and her instructor wittily replies, "that shouldn't be too much of a stretch for you...climbing up the wall that is." I adore that movie! masculine, fashion, style, vintage, secondhand, androgynous, daily, outfit, theclotheshorse, the, clothes, horsemasculine, fashion, style, vintage, secondhand, androgynous, daily, outfit, theclotheshorse, the, clothes, horse
Outfit details: dress- man's old shirt reconstructed for a line called Sample bought in Japan, shoes- H&M, blazer- Ralph Lauren via eBay, scarf- my mother's, bangles- gifts, Chinatown, and the Stadium Swapmeet in Hawaii (the stones ones are real jade)
P.S. I almost forgot to mention this, but Chictopia is featured on the Teen Vogue website and I was chosen as one of the favorite Chictopians! This is just so cool! I still feel rather new to Chictopia, but I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already. According to Teen Vogue it is "the next big thing" and if the folks over at Teen Vogue don't know what is, I don't know who would!


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