I'm Not Becoming A Mall Rat

I'm back from an actually rather short trip shopping...we spent longer in the car driving there and back than we did in the stores--not entirely by choice. I did snatch up a few gems in my time there (no lippy yet, but it's still on my list...), such as the new shirt I am wearing.
Outfit details: shirt- H&M, skirt- secondhand, belt-secondhand, shoes- Seychelles (Amazon.com)
I also joined the "You Are Beautiful" campaign. I made my own stickers and stuck them on the mirrors of the dressing rooms I went in...I'm certain the store owners will love that! But if they make one person feel better, I think it was worth it.
"It" was truly a marvelous film. Both Clara Bow's character and Louise Brooks' character (from Pandora's Box) are the aggressors in their relationships, pursuing the men and stringing them along (though both do it so sweetly and earnestly, you aren't embittered by their manipulation). Their roles revolutionized the way women were portrayed in films. Another interesting aspect to their characters were how lively and free spirited they were--laughing, running, jumping, etc. Part of this can be explained by the need to be expressive in silent films, however the other women in the film who end up jilted are much cooler, sophisticated, and languid in their gestures--so it is also written in their characters. At one point in It, one woman says of Clara, "She doesn't seem to have much reserve." To which the man replies, "If you ask me--she has plenty in reserve!"
Clara was also apparently one of the originally DIYers. See her cut her dress while it is literally still on her body and the finished product:
My favorite outfit was the fitted sweater and pleated skirt with t-strap heels, scarf and beret additions that Clara wore to Coney Island (better shot here than my shoddy "screen captures"). In this seen she goes on all the rides and we even see a flash of her nearly knee-length bloomers! Scandalous!


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