Grecian Style

Several people have asked me about the style in Greece and well, I haven't answered them really. It's hard for me to answer these questions because I am not an authority, merely an outsider looking in. Also, can one really summarize any nation's "style" when at the end of the day we are all individuals. Other than I believe that Greeks dress better than Americans (I only see flip flops on my fellow foreign students), I can't really explain or describe differences. There is a street fashion site for Athens, called AthensWears--so perhaps those who are interested can seek more information there. No promises, but I will try to vocalize what I think style differences might be towards the end of my trip and perhaps throw in a couple of sneakily taken "street fashion" pics.
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For now, what I'm wearing.
Outfit details: shirt- Zara, pants- some shop in Japan, bag- secondhand, shoes- Kenneth Cole Reaction
Outfit 2 details: dress- H&M, shoes- Urban Outfitters, bag- Ruche, FakeFarers- street vendor


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