Our Private Escape

I just spent the most delightful weekend in Aegina; a small island a short ferry ride away from Athens. We found excellent prices and often felt as if the island was there only for us since tourist season is now over. From being picked up in town by wedding guests staying at the same hotel at us, to diving from a private swimming spot into crystal waters, and getting free desserts from tavernas on the water, the weekend was blissful and filled with small, sweet surprises.

We tried new foods, leapt from rocky heights into the sea, and smiled at old Greek women who babbled at us incoherently without caring that we could not understand. It was far too soon when with slightly lighter pockets we had to board the ferry again and depart. We took with us small gifts, pictures, and rosier skin to remind us of the brief time that passed there.
dress-H&M, shoes- Urban Outfitters, swimsuit- Victoria's Secret


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