As Simple As Black And White

My tenative steps towards all black ensembles (I really wanted to break up the fringe outfit with red shoes) have been greatly helped along by a few new additions from Ruche. Some of you might remember my previous dabblings in Ruche. To add to that collection I now have a lovely black bag with hidden outside pockets and wood details and a highwaist checkered skirt, also with pockets. I'm mildly obsessed with all forms of pockets and both these items will be getting a lot of wear in the near future.
Outfit details: dress (worn as skirt)- H&M, turtleneck- H&M, shoes- H&M, bag- Ruche, headphones- some shop in Japan
Outfit details: shirt- Vain and Vapid, skirt- Ruche, tights- Target, shoes- H&M
For dancing I removed the turtleneck from my fringe dress. Outfit details: dress- H&M, tights- some shop in Athens Greece, shoes- Urban Outfitters, jacket- Urban Outfitters, feathers- Etsy


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