I quite like the men Sart frequently snaps and I have a few ideas of what they might be like in "real life."
There's type one: the gentleman of a certain age. This man never knew "Old Blue Eyes" personally, but the way he talks about Frank Sinatra often makes it seem as if they were good friends. He enjoys walking and biking through the city of his boyhood while thinking of the way things used to be. His wife constantly worries about how late he stays out and his general recklessness, reminding him that he should "act his age." His personal philosophy is you're only as old as you feel.
Type two: the young renegade. The first thing you notice about this type of young man is his constant energy. He's always moving around and can never fall asleep at night; so after the clubs close he starts filling the streets with graffiti. He's too masculine to admit an interest in clothes, but his creative nature exhibits itself in all aspects of his life. There's nothing about a corporate job that appeals to him, but he worries that one day he'll wake up looking like his father.
Type three: simply stylish. This young man isn't ashamed of his interest in fashion, in fact he isn't ashamed of anything including his passion for horticulture. You almost always find him in the center of a large group of people because of his naturally outgoing and gregarious nature, but he's also almost always single. He claims his relationships don't work because no one ever shares his passions, but the real truth is all his girlfriends leave him because he steals their clothes...


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