The Days Are Numbered

My time in Greece is numbered. I'm not counting down (I'd rather not let my thoughts linger on the end times), but like the persistent ticking of a clock, the days pass whether I wish them to or not. There are things I am looking forward to (the greatest being family, a lukewarm happiness at the thoughts of a larger wardrobe, and reluctant remembrances of quite cool weather), but I know that I will return to those again and again. The unknown is will I return to Greece again? Or Europe for that matter...
I graduate this spring and the opportunity of affordable travel through college study abroad will be gone. I have milked it for all it was worth studying first in Japan and now in Greece, with a trip to Budapest and another venture to another country beginning this very instant...and yet, it is not enough. My wanderlust is not satisfied.
My eye however is quite satisfied by this set of images. Sometimes I'm very disatisfied with my captures, but the rich, saturated hues here really please me. This may just be my favorite wall in all of Greece.
Outfit details: jacket- Urban Outfitters, sweater- H&M, dress- H&M, tights- some shop in Greece, shoes- some shop in Greece, bag- Ruche


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