A Life In Escapism

I had thought I was getting over an infantile passion for fairies and other nonexistent creatures...but my admiration for the unbelievable has returned. I would like to flit like a fey creature between crumbling castles and wild, unkempt forests while dress in Christian Lacroix gowns... In some ways I feel an obsession with haute couture is a continuation of a childhood love of fairy tales. What else is further removed from reality than haute couture? Perhaps, I have partially traded in my fables for whimsical runway creations that still act as escapism from a reality that stings.
Outfit details: dress- Urban Outfitters, vest- gift, tights- gift, bag- Ruche, shoes- H&M
The shoes are a month old, but I haven't worn them since the very first day I bought them...until now that is. They're very whimsical and make me feel like dancing, but they're a terrible nuisance to put on. Outfit details: coat- H&M, dress- Asos, tights- gift, shoes- Zara

"The word 'pixilated' is an early American expression derived from the word 'pixies,' meaning elves. They would say the pixies had got him. As we nowadays would say, a man is 'barmy.' " --Mr. Deeds Goes To Town


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