Would You Rather...?

In honor of the impending new year, I am making some small changes around the blog, among these changes will be "interviews" of some of my favorite bloggers. I'm starting off with a fashion-themed game of "would you rather" with Yulanda of Little Thoughts. Her blog has been among my favorites for quite awhile now due to her beautifully composed images. Each conception is wonderfully executed with quirky balance that is reflected in her style.
The rules of "would you rather" are simple, one choice or the other must be made; one is not permitted to answer "neither" or "both."

Would you rather dance all night in 4” heels or ballet flats?
4” heels (and then chastise myself for not wearing flats).
Would you rather wear summer clothes or winter fashions until the end of your days?
Winter fashions.
Would you rather have dozens of handbags and one pair of shoes, or countless shoes and only one handbag?
Countless shoes and only one handbag.
Would you rather buy one designer piece or six vintage pieces?
Six vintage pieces.
Would you rather appear elegant and classic or avant-garde and original?
I guess elegant & classic (darn these either or questions!).
Would you rather sit front row at Paris Fashion Week or New York?
Paris Fashion Week, definitely.
Would you rather get snapped by the Sartorialist or the Facehunter?
The Sartorialist.
Would you rather wear polka dots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Polka dots.
Would you rather work for Rachel Zoe or Anna Wintour?
Anna Wintour -- if I’m going to work in a cut-throat industry, at least Wintour can squish Zoe ;)
Would you rather be best friends with Audrey Hepburn or Katherine Hepburn?
Audrey Hepburn.
Would you rather live in the 1920s or the 1950s?
The 1920s.
More of Yulanda at her blog.


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