This Didn't Go As I Planned...

I'm currently flying wasn't supposed to be so soon, but it has happened regardless. Things are cooling down here in Athens (from my perspective at least), but too little too late, I suppose. We spent far too many days in limbo and the lack of easy communication between students and the powers that be has led to this.
Due to some thoroughly epic layovers I will be traveling home for about 2 1/2 days...
Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of me. If it wasn't for the troubles that these riots have brought to people, I would be thoroughly pleased my time in Greece ended with a bang. It will definitely be a story to tell for some time to come. Also, now I will get to see my family that much sooner. All in all, life is good at the moment.
Different note: I'm always keen on showing how often I repeat pieces...some people are proud of the size of their wardrobe and some people are proud of how far they can stretch things. Today I'm wearing this green dress (very cosy for travel), so I thought I'd share how many ways I have worn it. The dress is H&M


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