That Touch Of Whimsy

I'm back to my hair fancies addiction. Winter really offers the oppurtunity to express your whismy on your legs and your head. Layered and unique stockings transform limbs into quirky storybook characters with personalities all their own. While the necessity to stay warm has led to numerous creations for the head; intent upon more than just locking your body heat in. I'm excited to have so many of my accessories at my disposal, even though a good portion of my wardrobe is locked away in a storage closet in Pennsylvania.

Outfit details: sweater- H&M, dress- Anthropologie, tights- some shop in Athens Greece, shoes- Urban Outfitters, jacket- Gap

Outfit details: dress- Zara, tights- Calzedonia, shoes- Urban Outfitters, turtleneck- H&M, trench- some shop in Japan


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