All The Colors of the Rainbow...

I'm currently obsessed with colored jeans. So much more interesting than regular jeans and so fun to rock. There's the celeb way, the street style way, and my way.facehunter, yellow, jeans, colored, brightkatie, holmes, red, jeans, coloredtheclotheshorse, bright, colored, jeans, fashion, color, purple, style, personaltheclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, pink, red, jeans, colored, bright

Sunshiney Day

I'm beginning to feel like spring is in the air. Gradually the days get warmer and flowers burst bright and fresh from the ground.
Dress and shoes, vintage from eBay.theclotheshorse, vintage, dress, ebay, yellow, personal, style, fashiontheclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, vintage, dress, yellow

Sunshine, Sunrise, and Argyle Tights

I intended to post this earlier (yesterday really), but got a bit distracted with friends and ended up staying out for all hours. However, this is what I wore yesterday.theclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, daily, outfit, neutrals, patterned, tights
I got these new tan shoes from eBay, I am in love. And in ill-conceived walk through the woods resulted in these muddy shoes.vintage, shoesmuddy, shoes


I am drawn to the clean look and style that comes from a monochromatic outfit. And I have a favorite color (blue) which I could see myself wearing every day. Still, I don't think I have the courage of these five people who have entirely monochromatic wardrobes. Part of me would love this, but another part might feel limited. Still, the entire blue wardrobe is so alluring...monochromatic, wardrobe, closet, style, one, color, personal, fashionmonochromatic, style, color, one, fashion, closet, wardrobe, clothes

Rainy Days

Today is cold, rainy, and dreary. I am reminded of the three years I lived in Washington State when I was younger. My father (a soldier) has recently learned he will be stationed there again next year. Subsequently, I will also be going to Washington State for the college breaks. I am looking forward to seeing my old haunts and potentially some old friends, although it has been nearly eight years since I lived there. Outside of all that, this is what I am wearing today:purple, jeans, colored, bright, umbrella, style, theclotheshorse, fashion, rain, chic, bow, scarfbow, scarf, purple, jeans, style, fashion, personal, theclotheshorse, daily, outfit
Washington State is known for its rain. The year we moved there it rained over 100 days in a row, setting a new record. You get used to the rain after a time and it is no longer so depressing--and everything stays so green! One thing that will also add life to a dreary day is a special umbrella. I am currently coveting one of these...it's an investment piece right?ruffle, chic, girly, umbrellapattern, odd, edge, umbrellareverse, inside, print, solid, mixed, umbrellaclock umbrella

We Only Work When We Need The Money

I snapped these pictures while at the work the past couple of days. I did have a theory that my student manager was being vindictive in some way for imagined slights by scheduling me as the last worker before Spring Break and the first one after, but reason and my friends have convinced me otherwise. Well, on the first day back I wore this dress (which was thrifted over Spring Break) and thought it would work well against the mixed candies--yum!mixed, bulk, candytheclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, daily, outfit, bright, print, dress, thrifted
And I forget who asked me (sorry!) and I remember I did not respond (again, sorry!) if I ever carried bags--I do! I also usually have a jacket or coat, but I don't usually include them in the pictures. This is one of my most commonly used bags, since it is neutral and fits my school books. It's from Old Navy several years ago.theclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, daily, outfit, white, dress, vintagegold, tights

The Tell-Tale Something

I was walking to class today (in a bit of a rush to be ten minutes early) when I noticed something on me was squeaking. I like to be silent when I walk so it was very important to find the source of the squeak and put an end to the noise pollution.
Step, step, squeak, squeak. Was it coming from my shoes? Bend at waist, stair fixedly at feet. Step, step, silence... Hmm, maybe it's gone... Stand erect again, walk on. Step, step, squeak, squeak. Where is it coming from?! Stop walking, bend feet around, silence. Hmm... Step, step, squeak, squeak. Grrr, what is this??? Step, step, step, squeak, squeak, squeak.
Finally I got to class, the source of the sound still unknown. I stopped by my desk, when a friend called my name. I turned at the waist to say high---squeeeak! What? Eyes drop down to waist and the source was discovered! My belt was squeaking! Maybe I swing my hips too much while I walk... My sister has called it a "come hither" walk before...

Boys Don't Make Passes At Girls In Glasses

Glasses (outside of the fashion moment they are currently having, please acknowledge that it is a trend and an underground one at that to wear thick, geeky frames) have a stigma of unattractiveness and smarts attached to them. It is rather commonly believed that men prefer women without them. Given the option of contact lenses most people leap at the opportunity.
Geeky frames trend, via Facehunter
Why? Glasses can be used like headbands just like another accessory, so why are these so often seen as "ugly" and the people who wear them instantly judged by their glasses? Perhaps glasses are a sign of our flaws. When wearing them we are openly acknowledging our substandard eyesight, letting the world know we are not perfect. Subconsciously, this could be unattractive for the whole reproductive process, bad genes that will be passed on to the next generation!
Have you ever noticed that no leading ladies wear glasses? In television series the main female leads are not glasses wearers and if there are main ladies in glasses, they are always the geeky, non-vixen type. In Sex and the City a couple of the girls wear glasses but they always whip them off and away whenever an attractive male comes into view. None of the Gossip Girls wear glasses. Neither did the Gilmore Girls (though Lane was a happy exception to this rule!). In a transformation sequence, a girl usually goes from from geek to chic with the removal of glasses. Are glasses really so crippling and unattractive in romantic prospects?
Frames seen on the runways.
I must admit I am guilty of buying into this stigma. Whenever going out for a nice night or clubbing the glasses definitely disappear, although I don't have contact lenses, so this does mean my sight is rather limited...
At the same time, I have grown quite fond of these frames. They have come to be a part of my face. I've forgotten to remove them when going to bed or walking into the shower. Looking in the mirror without them the other day was also disorienting, I felt like part of my face was missing!
So, will we ever move on from this need for perfection and refusing to show our flaws--let alone trying to transform our flaws into beauty marks?

The Bronx Is Up, But The Battery's Down

My posting was sparse (nonexistent) yesterday because I was on a day trip to New York City. Despite catching "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, the highlight of my day had to be the venture through Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. I found this amazing vintage army jacket and got to bargain with the business owner in Japanese. "Chotto takai..."

Fairy Tales Are True

If you haven't seen this shot from the Sartorialist then you have to. If it doesn't look magical and mystical, then I don't know what does.the sartorialist, india, street, fashion, original

If I Could Only Coax You Overboard, To Leave These Lolling Shores

Tra-la-la, my tiara(s) arrived in the mail today from Chicallure and I am obsessed! I haven't worn either out just yet, since I was wearing the vintage fascinator from my earlier post (3 posts in one day, it must be spring break!). I did however run around in it for awhile and take numerous pictures of admiration and infatuation. I didn't show this one in my earlier post, it was my little secret... I feel ready for spring and summer now and especially for waterside adventures. Isn't this something a Nereid would wear?tiara, Chicallure, mermaid, nymph, personal, style, seashellssea, tiara, fashion, personal, style
seashell, tiara, personal, style, fashionshell, tiara, mermaid, nymph, neid, style, personal

Movie Pick: Drama, Drama, Drama

stagedoor, movie, katherine, hepburn, ginger, rogers, dramaIt's been awhile since my last movie pick, but this one is sure to not disappoint. Modern dramas of girls in high school do not compare to the social explosions that arise in a boarding house full of aspiring actresses. The would-be stars subsist upon lamb stew and hope (and sometimes not the former) as they try to work their way to the top and try to avoid the typical pitfalls. Also, you get the rare opportunity of seeing Ginger Rogers opposite Katherine Hepburn. Need more convincing? It was nominated for 4 Oscars. Stage Door is not to be missed.

Back By Popular Demand

Due to the high popularity of the special effects (erm...) and my own newfound obsession, here's what I'm wearing.theclotheshorse, personal, style, photoshop, fashiontheclotheshorse, personal, fashion, style, spring
The old style as well, because the outfits are clearer here.theclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, springtheclotheshorse, personal, style, spring, fashion

Pop Arty Me

I'm afraid you're going to have to deal with this for the next few days...I just realized there were special effects I could add to my photos via my photo hosting site. This is fun, fun, I've never played with photoshop or special effects before.pop, art, fashion, personal, style, thrifted, vintagepop art, personal, fashion, style, thrifted, vintage

Does It Feel Like Spring?

Congratulations, you've made it through the winter. Today is the official first day of spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Yay!
EDIT: There is some debate of this, but this year 2008, the official day of spring IS today March 20th. The equinox starts today at 5:48 GMT. Confirmed here, here, and here.prada, resort, spring, editorialprada, resort, spring, editorial, fashion

Ease Me Please

Off for another day of fabulous vintage browsing with my father (who loves to shop). I fell in love with these shoes in Japan at the same time my friend did. We ended up both purchasing identical pairs. We were comforted (and saddened) by the fact that when we returned to the states we would be on opposite sides of the country and therefore no one would know we matched. And we always styled them completely differently.leggings, wedges, personal, style, fashion, theclotheshorse, thriftedleggings, wedges, personal, style, fashion, spring, theclotheshorse, thrifted, comfort

A Vintage Touch

I saw an alligator purse today in a little vintage shop; the head and feet of the gator were still attached. It was so special and odd-looking I almost bought it, but the handle had been torn off.theclotheshorse, personal, style, fashion, vintage, thrifted, accessoriesvintage, houndstooth, hat, snakeskin, clutch, personal, style, fashion

Job Confusion, Leads to Delusion

I was posting a commentary on Lindsey Lohan's rumored venture into legging design (despairing at the numerous number of actresses turned designer) when it struck me it was all our fault. That is, the fault of the general public who has decided to turn people who act for a living into fashion icons. Truly, we should separate these two occupations--so that both can be all-consuming and followers may truly succeed at one or the other.
Here is the problem: actresses should be good at acting, but we tend to get confused and admire or hate their fashion sense. When really at the end of the day they aren't stylists/fashionistas, they're actresses--they act! I think this problem emerges from their numerous public appearances and current domination of magazine covers. What Tilda Swinton wore to the Oscars (love it or hate it) shouldn't really matter, as what she specializes in and is paid to do is act--which she does very well.
Also, while we bemoan at the slip ups on modern red carpet and admire the polished glamour of yesteryear, let us remember that in those days stars did not have the style freedom they possess today. The studio renamed and remade (dye jobs, hair cuts, plastic surgery, stylists, you name it) their stars into the shells we love and admire. Studios even primped their leading ladies and lads for events--bringing a team of hairdressers, make up artists and stylists to the actor or actress for every prevalent event (and there were fewer events too!). So while, the golden age might seem lovely, it wasn't very free nor is it really within the reach of stars today.
Now don't misunderstand my words (here is where I say this is just an opinion, as if it wasn't clear that was what typed by one set of hands is one young lady's opinion...), actresses may dabble and dare I say, even enjoy fashion. There are many actresses/film industry buffs who's fashion I admire (Sofia Coppola, Chloe Sevigny, Keira Knightely, etc), but these ladies should be admired for a separate interest in fashion. They are not actresses and therefore stylish, they are actresses AND happen to be stylish. Just as I am a business student who happens to like fashion (I have many artist friends who are not innately stylish--they pay more attention to their paintings than their clothes).
So, to all the actresses who feel they must dabble in clothing lines, I am sorry for leading you to believe that as an actress you should be talented at fashion and design. The fault is entirely my own, next time focus on your craft rather than fleeting public opinion.