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Eleh's blog Come Thrifting With Me has been addiction for since I first laid eyes on it. In an attempt to get a better taste of her personality, I asked her to plan her dream fashion party. One indication of her style came when she instead planned an event for friends (including virtual ones) rather than fashion aficionados. So, consider yourself invited to Eleh's party.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Other than having David Tutera as my party planner, Curtis Stone as the party's chef, Comic Strip for some music and them dudes from "Whose line is it anyway?" for entertainment, I wouldn't want any other high profile individuals in my party. It would solely be meant for my friends, those whom I have met in person, and those who I know of virtually.

Where would your party take place?

By a lake, with white swans swimming in them. Although I'm guessing the swans wouldn't last long once Comic Strip starts playing. They would probably breathe their last.

What would you serve (what food/drinks)?

I'm a big eater so I probably would serve everything. An Asian fusion buffet would be excellent. Everything from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and what-have-you. Talk about greed and gluttony. And pastries, mm.. I would probably get Curtis to create little pastries in the shapes of various clothing. How pretty would that be?

Who would get to sit next to you and why?

Someone who enjoys eating chicken kebabs. I would probably challenge him or her to a food race. Whoever eats the least gets thrown in the lake :) That aside, fashion wise it would have to be Agathe. I would probably ask her a million questions, from what triggered her to start stylebytes to how she managed to look effortlessly chic and beautiful all the time.

What is the theme of your party or what is everyone wearing?

I have always wanted a white themed party (white decor, white laced, tulle...) but I guess that would be inappropriate for this party. Perhaps something light and breezy. I’m leaning towards a summer party. Yeah. A summery party held during dinner time.

Are there any party favors?

A floppy hat for the ladies and a straw hat for the men. And tucked in those hats would be a barf bag. Considering the food servings, I bet it would prove to be useful.

What are the hot topics of the evening?

Who chocked on what, who runs to the loo first. Who brings the hottest dates and of course, the mandatory who is the worst dresser. That would definitely be the talk of the party. Guarantee.

Who is the last to leave?

That would be me. As a host, I get the honour of welcoming the guests when they are still sober and proper. And as a host also, I get the pleasure of watching my guests leave, drunk and disheveled.

Who is most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?

It ain't going to be me. That's a certainty. I'm guessing my party planner. He would probably be overwhelmed just at the thought of a summer dinner party with a ska band performing. And the food spread! Totally mismatched. An odd, odd pairing indeed.

For more of Eleh, visit her blog.


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