Now The Fables Have Grown Old

I find it interesting how books always get a big reaction from bloggers--even the "frivolous" fashion blog niche in which I am entrenched. To me, it seems very logical that those who like to express themselves through writing, also like to read. A passion in the latter almost always seems to lead to dabbling in the former. I would also be interested in knowing who among the aesthetically affected stylish crowd would describe themselves as bookworms or even nerds.
Personally, I spent many of my lunch periods in high school reading a novel in the art room rather than socializing. I still tend to eat my meals in my room choosing written word over companionship; a habit that friends find endearing (hopefully), but can also trouble people. While I know that I am not an island, it is hard sometimes to deal with reality when one is so moved by characters and word play...
I really adore this idea of a shared meal from "House Like Lotus" by Madeleine L'Engle:
"Sometimes when I went over to Beau Allaire, Max and I ate together, with books open beside us on the table, and didn't talk, unless one of us wanted to read something to the other."
Outfit details: dress- H&M, vest- gift, tights- gift, coat- H&M, shoes- secondhand, bag- Pull and Bear
A little while ago Shot Couture had a giveaway with several sweet prizes. I was lucky enough to win this scarf. It is lush.
Outfit details: scarf- prize, cardigan- Banana Republic Outlet, skirt- secondhand, stockings- Thank You Mart, shoes- Marshalls, bag- Pull and Bear


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