Slightly Scattered

Lately, the main staple of my diet is: mini homemade hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I spend most of my time being barefoot, playing on the ground with Gus.
Just got the "What I Wore Today" book in the mail--I'm in it!
I put together a pile of unloved clothes and shoes to donate to the nearest thrift shop.
I'm very curious about the people who have read the same books as me before me.
I won this dress through Wanderlusting's blog and though it's slightly too big for me, I love the luxurious feel of the fabric and the sweet details. So, a big thank you to Wanderlusting for being so generous!
I'm also wearing a cuff from Swell Vintage for the first time. I bought it from her what seems like ages ago, but failed to wear it until recently. I adore the cuff, but it feels like a "fall" piece to me...doesn't really go with the lighter and more colorful dresses of summer.
Outfit details: dress- ASOS via Wanderlust, shoes- H&M, cuff- Swell Vintage, bangle- street vendor


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