Party At The Disco

Yiqin is the adorable force behind the blog Qin At The Disco. Her style is usually colorful and always includes a fun pop of unique accessories. She also was sweet enough to plan a dream party for me.

What type of party is it?
Masquerade! I always think it is fascinating to be behind a mask. Our identities are hidden and we can be someone else for a day! Really fun.
Who is invited?
My friends, my favourite bloggers, designers, models, singers, anyone can come as long as they want to have fun! :D
Where does it take place?
My backyard. We will all be sitting on pretty mats. Playing games, having good food, talking and listening to great music.
What are we eating?
Cinnamon Rolls, fried ice cream, pretty cupcakes, chocolate cakes, fondue with fruits, roasted marshmallows with chocolate, baked potatoes, maybe everyone should bring something and we'll have more fun!
Who gets to sit next to you?
Michael Jackson. I want to know more about him! He is sucha incredible person, from his singing, to dancing and his super fierce dress sense. I will love to talk to him and find out more about him.

What is the theme or what is everyone wearing?
The theme is masquerade. So definitely everyone should be in masks. I will also want everyone to dress in something they have always wanted to wear but do not dare to! We should have fun wit our dressing and step out of our comfort zone! ;)
Are there party favors?
Definitely! A gift bag with balloons, party hats, noisemakers and glow sticks!:)
Who is most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Prolly, me. I hardly drink so I can hardly hold my alcohol.
Who is the last to leave?
Me too. It is held in my backyard so I am prolly the one cleaning up all the mess!
For more of Qin visit her blog.


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