Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago I started this blog without any expectations or an inkling of what it would snowball into and I'm still mildly in awe of what it has become. I want to thank all my readers for their comments or even silent presence, you all have kept me motivated and made this whole journey so enjoyable.
Here's a painfully brief recap of the past year:
I spent the summer in Pennsylvania living in my college's dorms and working on campus for the Admissions office as an assistant. When Fall came around I hopped on a plane to travel to Greece with strangers to study for a semester. I spent time traveling around Greece and used a couple of long weekends to explore Budapest and Germany. In December our group was forced to leave prematurely due to the riots taking place in Athens and I flew home for an early Christmas break with my family in Washington State. I returned in the Spring to Pennsylvania for my final semester, enduring snow in the first months back and enjoying the sunshine in the last few. After graduation I flew back to Washington State where I currently am temporarily settled.
If hopes become reality this year will bring as many adventures as the last...

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I shot the video with my tripod (like I shoot my pictures) as a little thank you to all my blog readers. The song is by Dar Williams. I hope you all enjoy it.


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