Modcloth Blogger Of The Moment

I'm very honored and excited to announce that Modcloth has named me their Blogger Of the Moment. They interviewed me and I made a list of my Modcloth favorites (there are so many!).
One of my honors is having this dress named after me. The malleability of the dress was right up my alley, so I thought it appropriate to do one of my "traditions" and remix it.

jacket- H&M, tights- We Love Colors, belt- vintage, shoes- Seychelles
scarf- YarnOverMovement, belt- secondhand, tights- FredFlare, shoes- Nine West

bow belt- self made, socks- Thank You Mart, shoes- Seychelles from my sisters

hat- vintage, skirt- uniform shop, shoes- Dr. Scholls

sweatshirt- from childhood, tights- Target, shoes- Urban Outfitters, hat- vintage
vest- gift from my sister, tights- DIY, shoes- Urban Outfitters, necklace- MuchLove


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