Never Saw The Sun Shining So Bright

Don't be deceived by the blue skies in these pictures; I managed to snap them in a brief spat of sunshine between the rain that has fallen for several days in a row. While most of the time I would prefer better weather, this time it did afford me the perfect excuse to use my brand new umbrella courtesy of Modcloth. How wonderful are the little goldfish decorating the panels?

The umbrella seemed a nice compliment to this Dear Creatures dress (which I already admired here); I sought to showcase the dress with a clean, black palette. The dress is really rather wonderful: made of a thick, structured, canvas-like material and with the boxy shape broken up by the curving bust detail. The neutral color makes it perfect for mixing and matching in dozens of ways that already come to mind. My new bow gloves added a necessary pop of color to make this outfit feel more me.
As you can tell: I'm becoming quite addicted to Modcloth. My only complaint is the quantity of new items they add daily to tempt me. I'm already expecting another package with items I couldn't resist purchasing for myself even though it is the season to begin shopping for others!

Outfit details: dress, gloves, and umbrella- courtesy of Modcloth, cardigan- H&M, tights- Walmart, shoes- Bona Drag


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