Looking Back You Shouldn't Have Fought It

Nostalgia for last year and Greece was sparked by these boots which were bought there and haven't seen the light of day in awhile. The ability of clothes to carry so many memories is one of the things that makes me so attached to my wardrobe. When traveling I'm much more keen on purchasing clothes or jewelry in order to commemorate the trip rather than a nick-knack or traditional souvenir. Moving a lot means most superfluous things end up in boxes (that haven't been touched in years), but clothes always get unpacked and worn. Thus, whenever I don a certain item or throw on a particular pendant I awaken memories of interesting places and fun people.

These boots might not seem scream "Greek," but when wearing them I suddenly get swept back to the marbled streets of Athens. A loyal friend endured several days of hunting for boots with me; we visited shop after shop in search of the elusive ideal pair. When I tried these on and the shop helper winked at me to indicate approval, I knew I had found mine. Though we were less successful in my friend's hunt and dozens of stores later she still walked away empty-handed it is a positive memory for both us. Time spent in good company and humor, shopping until our feet hurt, but still pausing to appreciate our surroundings. She willingly went down back alleys with me when I thought I spied interesting graffiti and our near-daily visit to Leonidas chocolate...oh how I miss city living.
Outfit details: turtleneck- H&M, skirt- Forever 21, tights- street vendor, boots- some shop in Athens, necklace- Talonalia, bag- Pull and Bear


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