Dancing The Night Away With Delightfully Tacky

How can I begin to describe the delight that is Delightfully Tacky? You have to love a girl who lists Winnebagos as an interest, has perfect cascading curls, great personal style, and makes living in Alaska look like a dream. The girl behind the blog was also kind enough to plan out a dream dance party complete with an epic play list.

What type of party is it?
Rock and Roll dance party! It would last for days and no one would need sleep (for some magical and mysterious reason), and no one would get too drunk, just the perfect amount (or not at all). All my favorite bands would play: Bowie, Stones, Van Halen, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Notorious B.I.G., The Doors, Heart, Velvet Underground, Neil Diamond and so on and so forth. With all members living, of course. Oh, and for nostalgia's sake: United State of Electronica.
Who is invited?
All my friends from college, and any of my lovely blogger pals.
Where does it take place?
It would be a place that doesn't exist. A combination of the Woodstock location and my old duplex. It would be at both day and night, but the nights would be like warm, clear Californian nights, and the days would be around 80 degrees and sunny. Perfect for ice cold beers, margaritas, and rum & cokes.
What are we eating?
Chocolate covered strawberries, cheap beer, expensive booze, gourmet nachos with delicious guacamole, shrimp cocktail for days, pizza.
Who gets to sit next to you? And why?
Well, when I'm not dancing, I'd love to chill with all my friends from college who I probably won't see all in one place ever again. Also, I'd probably end up hanging out with Bowie, Morrison, Neil Diamond, and all the other great band members playing at my party!
What is the theme or what is everyone wearing?
Oooh! Everyone should dress like normal, but one day of this multi-day, sleepless dance-fest should be a dress up! I sure love Halloween and dressing up...
Are there party favors?
Everyone gets Polaroid cameras and unlimited film to document the festivities.
What are the hot topics of the evening?
Only happy things. Nobody talks about politics.
Life, Love, great things happening in our futures and incredible memories from the past.
Who is most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Obvi: Me
Who is the last to leave?
Whoever I get stuck talking to for hours and hours at the end of the party, you know how that goes.
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