Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!

I enjoy taking my pictures in this stretch of wilderness near my home. Yes, there are roads (many unpaved) and much of it is used for military drilling, but I still consider it a sprawl of wilderness. Despite cannons and artillery fire, a good part is just pure rambling nature and is teeming with wildlife. There are rivers with salmon and one can commonly spot deer traipsing about. There are also numerous reports of black bears in this region, though I have never witnessed them here myself. The other day, I did have the fortune of spying a coyote!

They're rather difficult to see, since they blend in well with their surroundings. I was quite excited to see it, but also rather happy that I was safely in my vehicle when I spotted it...

Outfit details: fascinator- vintage, cardigan- H&M, dress- vintage, belt- vintage, tights- Walmart, shoes- Seychelles, necklace- Yellowstone National Park gift shop, ring- street vendor


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