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Much of my wardrobe seems to be vintage or "vintage inspired," a style which is wholly unintentional. Occasionally, I try to expand the range of my closet and seek out pieces to make me feel more "current." That said, I was really excited to be approached by Need Supply, which is full of modern pieces. From studded heels to sleek blazers and sequin bras, it felt like a perfect source to keep me up-to-date with the "kid culture" and all that.
Since I can't fairly review a shop I've only admired via the web and never experience firsthand, they were kind enough to let me choose a couple of items from the shop. I couldn't resist the "Aphrodite dress" and the bag-lady inside me choose the "Fold Over bag" in cognac.
The dress is lightweight, nearly sheer, and with brass detailing that does make one feel like the infamous goddess it is named after. I'm wearing mine backwards, which keeps it rather demure and shows of my tattoos...The bag is nearly large enough to climb into, i.e. the perfect size. I really like the fact it's made to "fold over" and be worn multiple ways. In addition, it's vegan friendly. I'm not vegan, but it's always cool to find quality and stylish pieces that are vegan or environmentally friendly; every little bit counts, no?
So, my review of Need Supply? An excellent collection of pieces and smooth shipping. I'm really pleased with the quality of my items and I think they'll be getting a lot of use/wear. The dress was already really comfortable to wear all day and the bag fit all my necessary objects.
How neat is the crumbling staircase to nowhere? I think this might be my new favorite location.
Outfit details: coat- Forever 21, dress and bag- courtesy of Need Supply, tights- Fred Flare, shoes- Urban Outfitters, necklace- Talonalia, bangle- Marc by Marc Jacobs via eBay


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