You Must Be A Girl With Clothes Like That

I'm not a fan of matching head-to-toe; you know shoes that match the bag and all that. It just feels too fussy to me. So, in this outfit when I put together the black jacket with the matching shoes and leggings, I knew the bag couldn't be black. And the bag I chose? A recent discovery from Pacsun, which is a store I never envisioned myself shopping at. Well, never say never...
Lately, a number of the accessories from Pacsun have caught my eye. Studded belts, stackable rings, abstract print dresses, even on-trend neon beaded necklaces have been appearing in that shop. You'll still find that California, surfer kid cool with frayed denim and teeny bikinis, but there might also be some pieces there that appeal to a more eclectic crowd. This bag appealed to me with the stud details and chain shoulder strap. In person, it is so soft, caramel-y in color, and lightweight; perfect for day-to-day toting around since it is roomy enough to hold my camera.
Off the subject of bags...Lately I'm really longing for 60s looks: prairie revival, big hair, extreme winged eyeliner, I want it all. Unfortunately, I'm quite clueless on how to style my hair. So, I suppose acheiving this look will be a work in progress. A few years ago was I extremely into the 40s and 50s fashion-wise, so I find it interesting to see how our interests and visions shift with time. Style always should be a work in progress. It seems to me maintaining a certain "look" is stagnation and I'd much rather experiment a little...even if that means we occasionally get something wrong. Though, defining wrong in fashion is next to impossible...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
vintage dress
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Modcloth necklace
The Quotation airplane ring
Joanna Laura Constantine filigree ring via Gilt
Knock Out matte nail polish


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