Partying With Pugs

Laetitia is the lovely lady behind the blog Mademoiselle Robot, which is a bit of pastel wonderland of style and inspiration. She also creates wonderful videos that run the gamut from instructions on how to braid your bangs, to a hilarious example of what it would be like if mean anonymous commenters came up to you in real life. In order to get to know the lady behind the blog some more, I asked her to plan a little fictitious party for us and wound up with a gathering of pugs and kittens!

What type of party is it?
Just a simple get together.

Who's invited?
Five of my closest friends, 10 pug puppies and lots and lots of kittens. Oh and a Pacarana.
And dreamboats.

Where does it take place?
I don't really go out that much anymore so it would have to be a party at my house. Of course, since I am allowed some poetic license, my house would be ten times bigger and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and also in the middle of a forest.
What are you serving?
I am known amongst my friends as the Quiche Master General, so some delicious quiche but also lots of other savoury treats and chocolate. For some reason at the moment I have wild cravings for chocolate...

Who would get to sit next to you (and why)?
I would like a pug puppy on one side and 2 kittens on the other side. I love animals, so an animal party sounds pretty good right now.
What is the theme or what is everyone wearing?
There is no theme, but if everyone could show up wearing animal costumes, that'd be pretty good. Not animal suits in a sexy Furry convention sense, I am thinking about Kigurumis.

Is there a special play list? Entertainment?
I made a playlist for a friend's music blog the other day, it is really Spring inspired and soft, so I'd play it I suppose. You can download it here.
As for entertainment, I think if some of the animals could have a little song and dance, that would be perfect.
Are there any party favors?
No, I would like to keep it simple!

What are the hot topics of the evening?
Pugs not drugs!
Who is the last to leave?
Hmmm... I think Maurice the Burmese kitten would be the last to leave.
Who is the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Maybe me, although I don't drink a lot, but dancing on the table, why not.

For more visit Mademoiselle Robot.



  1. aw cute interview :) am quite excited that she lives in london, I love english fashion blogs (maybe 'cos they're so much rarer?) :) xxx

  2. she's adorable, I'm going to her blog right now!

    lovelove, M.

  3. orange hair and a love for pugs!! this girl rocks!! :) great interview!
    Love the new layout!
    vicki xo

  4. I love Mademoiselle Robot, I still can't believe she's 30+ though! a party full of kittens sounds like my kind of party...

    tweet tweet tweet


  5. she's absolutely so witty and so are you rebecca!

    I love her blue shoes.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  6. I love Laetitia! I could bring Wellington to the party!

    Wonderful interview Rebecca!

    Lulu Letty

  7. definitely sounds like a party little anti-social me would want to attend ;)

  8. She seems so cute and she has wonderful style! I can't wait to check out her blog!

  9. ♥ the denim shirt and brown broguess!
    Determined to invest in some more denim sooonn!

    Just started my own fashion blog, and I'd really appreciate all the support I can get ♥

    Eda x

  10. Thanks everyone you totally made my day!
    and thanks Rebecca for the interview, you are the cutest.

  11. i really like her style! thanks for introducing me!

  12. I love these party planning interviews, they are always so interesting and fun. Pugs and kittens sounds fabulous!!!

  13. I always love your interviews! The party theme is very unique & still gets people's personalities across.

  14. Pugs really do make a party.

  15. I absolutely loved this! :)
    Funny and lovely and wonderful!

  16. Sounds like an awesome party. I love quiche!

  17. awesomeness!! she's so whimsical!! :D

  18. by Laetitia aged 7 and a half,
    Loulou aged 11 and three quarters.

  19. oh gosh. thanks for the introduction, i love her style...and the look of her apartment too!
    Mamushka Marie

  20. Haha I love it. Her blog is such a dream. I always check it when I need outfit inspiration!

  21. I adore pugs, this sounds like my kind of party.

  22. Aw, I love Laetitia's blog! It's always so smartly written and her style is fabulous. And this is the umpteenth time I've said, but I LOVE this feature! I love how creative everyone's responses are and it makes me wish we could have a big huge blogger party where everyone gets to dance on tables.

    xo Jenny

  23. Great interview, what a lovely girl! I'm loving her home too - very cute :)

    xoxo Maria

  24. great post, thanks! I love that she's wearing the clothes horse dress in one of those pictures and sidenote...she has fabulous hair!

  25. This adorable. It sounds like it would be a fun party.

  26. Frank Lloyd Wright would be my fictitious personal architect as well. I've always dreamed about that!

  27. that was such an amazing interview! i love her replies... and would love to attend that party!

  28. Lovely interview the first photo is sorbet coloured heaven!

  29. love it love it love it!!!!
    so interesting and vivid~!!!congrats

  30. Hahaha cute interview! I'd never seen this girl before, but now I can't get enough of her style. I love it! Going to check her out now... and hoping to find pictures of Maurice the Burmese kitten while I'm at it!


  31. ahh i love mademoiselle robot, she's so witty and intelligent and has beautiful outfits to boot. this interview was great to read.


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